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theLotter: Lotto Tickets – Online Lottery Results ▅ ▆

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TheLotter review: General Information

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Get the answers to the burning questions: Is TheLotter scam or not? Is TheLotter safe enough? The key advantages and drawbacks (if any) are listed in TheLotter review summary at the page bottom. TheLotter website is a unique online resource providing an opportunity to try luck in the world's most popular lotteries even without leaving your home.

TheLotter offers a wide lotteries selection range so that the prize amount is virtually unlimited. This makes TheLotter reputation really powerful. Moreover, you may subscribe to TheLotter mailing or SMS notification to keep up with the latest draw results.

A few words about the founders and TheLotter reputation. Naturally, before getting down to playing the cautious players ask: Whether TheLotter scam or whether TheLotter safe enough to spend your money? TheLotter website is owned by TheLotter Enterprises Ltd registered in Great Britain (London), still you can make a free call to make an inquiry from Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada and SAR. TheLotter works as a middle agent between the players and the lottery providers. It purchases lottery tickets on your behalf and provides the related services.

In case of winning, it will send you an email notification and credit the money to your account as soon as possible. If you were lucky to win a large sum, TheLotter representative will contact you to provide further instructions.

TheLotter guarantees payments as well as provides an e-copy of your ticket which you can access any time you want logging in to the site account. There you can also monitor your transactions.

According to TheLotter website they have already sold over 1 million of winning tickets with the paid out prizes accounting for over $30 mln.

Security above all – TheLotter scam protection

The Lotter is highly concerned and takes care about its clients' security using safe 128-bit protocol, HTTPS secured connection and Return Path control. If you are somewhere out of home or office you can still take part in your favorite lottery games as TheLotter safe personal account access is provided for the mobile applications developed for Android, iPhone and iPad with the same security level ensured.

TheLotter review: How does it work?

Apart from a wide range of lottery tickets The Lotter carries out various special raffles. This summer TheLotter winners have a unique chance to get a trip for two to Majorca as a present and spend a weekend in the 5-star hotel. All you have to do is to purchase 7 or more lottery tickets at and wait for the draw results. Other prizes drawn by TheLotter list Apple wrist watch, a journey to Rome and iPhone 6 Plus.

TheLotter review: Syndicates

Playing at you can enter a lottery syndicate. What is lottery syndicate? Lottery syndicate is a group of people playing lottery together to hike their chances to win and save some cash. You may team up with your friends, relatives or colleagues and purchase one or several tickets. Surely it is a good way to save money still in case of winning you will have to split the prize between the syndicate members. Furthermore it is highly important to draft an agreement and discuss details to avoid misunderstanding between the winners, winnings theft or “pocketing”. You will have to choose a reliable person who will be responsible for the tickets safekeeping and draw results checking.

TheLotter review: Draw results

The offered lotteries results are available in the site “Results” tab in the upper menu. Here TheLotter winners may find out the lottery winning numbers, draw dates, numbers archive and prize divisions be it Powerball results or those for one of over 80 games (like Polish Lotto or Swiss Lotto results, for example).

TheLotter review: Claiming prizes

If you are lucky to become one of TheLotter winners you will not be charged any extra fee. There are certain sums which are not subject to taxation and TheLotter will fully credit them to your account. The winning can be further used to purchase tickets or withdrawn. However to get the jackpot the winners will have to get in touch with the lottery provider while TheLotter Enterprises assumes the organizational issues.

Money refund

In case it turns out that something at TheLotter website does not work for you and you change your mind playing lotto here, then you may contact the support services and get your deposit fully refunded. Surely enough it backs TheLotter reputation.

TheLotter review: Special offers / bonuses

Buying tickets for 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws at once you will get the 25% discount. Another special offer from TheLotter is a free second ticket: “buy one ticket and get the second for free”. TheLotter reputation of a customer oriented company speaks for itself.

TheLotter review summary

TheLotter review summary is aimed to bottom-line the services assessment above, which might help players to answer the following questions: Is TheLotter scam or not? Is TheLotter safe and credible enough? TheLotter website is a reliable online lottery resource offering lotto games from around the world. You can make no doubt about its security, prize payment and deposit refund. Feel free to address the support service using a free phone line. In case of winning, TheLotter will do its best to handle everything even including the organization of meeting with the lottery provider. TheLotter winners are not charged any extra fees. Purchase one ticket and get the second one for free. TheLotter scam protection works 7/24 so you can feel save about your money and winnings. TheLotter reputation is almost irreproachable. TheLotter is by all means the top lottery agent on the web offering to buy Powerball tickets online as well as play other top lottos from around the globe. We hope TheLotter review summary will prove helpful for you. Try your luck to become one of the lucky TheLotter winners.

  • user-friendly interface
  • security, reputation
  • wide lotteries selection range
  • bonuses and prize draws
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