They know all the stats that point to 0-2 being a hole that

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They know all the stats that point to 0-2 being a hole that

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Tweetcap: Cowboys put boots to Giants 20-13 Authentic Chris Jones Jersey , sack Eli Manning into his next meme After the ranting and raving concerning last week’s loss to the Panthers, the Cowboys couldn’t afford to fall 0-2.n’t find a way out of. The offense, in particular, was under a lot of scrutiny whether it was quarterback play, offensive line play, play-calling, or just about anything else you can think of. The Cowboys came into the division matchup with the Giants as the more determined team and left winners. So, what was different and how did the Cowboys handle business this time around?A.) “Challenge Accepted” Back them off by going deepThe Cowboys got speed involved early on offense and it carried them over for the rest of the game. When you think of speed, Tavon Austin is the guy that comes to mind:The offense needed a shot in the arm of explosiveness and when you can connect on a deep ball like that, it makes the defense have to account for it. Dak Prescott would go deep twice more in this game, though they didn’t connect, it effectively helped them shake loose of the Giants defense. Still Youth Terrance Williams Jersey , Michael Gallup has to catch this one:The Cowboys took some shots in this game which is what the offense needed and it sparked the team. It did get tougher for them after that, they only scored three more points for the half but that’s when the defense took over.B.) Getting Dak Prescott on the move, grinding down the opponent with Ezekiel ElliottThere was definitely a lull in the offensive action or the score would have been much higher for the Cowboys. However, we got to witness the Cowboys offensive coaches use the strengths of the team’s talents. It was a reversion to the method that was so successful for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in their rookie seasons. It started with letting Dak trust his instinct to run and take advantage of extra attention Elliott was getting. Here’s his first zone read run:Here’s Dak’s second zone read keeper, where he fakes the defense out well and Deonte Thompson seals off his man:These types of runs by Dak Prescott are critical to the offense’s success. The Cowboys want a healthy balance of knowing when to allow it to happen. They don’t want Dak getting hurt but he’s built to get things done with his feet in addition to his arm. The biggest threats the Cowboys have are Ezekiel Elliott, Tavon Austin, and Dak Prescott. All three were featured last night and all three made huge plays that was the difference in a win or loss.The best part of the entire night was the Cowboys first drive of the fourth quarter. It showed the true strength of their offense because it completely sealed the deal for the win. It was a 14-play drive that traveled 82-yards and took 8:23 off the clock. The drive featured passes to Cole Beasley, Michael Gallup, and Tavon Austin. It also had keeper’s by Dak and runs from Ezekiel Elliott, but the important factor was that it ended with seven points. It was the Cowboys doing what they do best, controlling the tempo, and killing the clock.C.) Sacking Eli Manning into his next internet memeThe Cowboys defense is the strength of this team and it sounds so weird to say for a team that has been so offensively dominant in the recent past. Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard knew that this Giants offensive line could not handle the pressure they schemed up. What ensued was a new classic “Eli” photo for the ages:The Giants spent money on bringing in Nate Solder at left tackle , they drafted Will Hernandez, but nothing they could do would stop the “Hot Boyz”. Taco Charlton’s path on the first sack was easy as pie after the Cowboys sent the linebackers on a blitz. Taco just ran right past the line, untouched:That’s just one of six sacks the Cowboys put on Eli Manning. Six different Cowboys players sacked Eli Manning. Richard and Marinelli dialed up blitzes with their linebackers and safeties, it proved to be too much for that overmatched offensive line in New York.The Giants had four drives in the first half and the Cowboys got Manning down on three of those drives and held them to no points. Folks like to pick on the Cowboys offense but the Giants offense has a far worse trend:It’s pretty alarming for New York because on paper, they have explosive players, but games like this last one will have everyone second-guessing:That decision to load up on offensive talent around Eli Manning looms large for a lot of people that follow and cover the New York Giants. Saquon Barkley is a talented player but the Giants will forever be linked to the quarterbacks they never took:This game had lots of moments but there is nothing that stands out further than watching Eli Manning get battered and bruised for four quarters. Protection was clearly the biggest issue for the Giants. If the Cowboys weren’t sacking Eli Manning, they would have plays like this one where Manning had to have regretted the decision to take off.When you look around the league where offensive line protection is at a premium, these “Hot Boyz” are the real deal. The way the Cowboys defense played this game was one for the ages. Everyone will remember where they were when they watched the Cowboys defense throw a Sack-Fest. In a passing league, the Cowboys finally have the guys that quarterback’s have nightmares over.Randy Gregory wanted nothing to do with Jason Garrett after his end-of-first-half penalty We’ve gotten to see Randy Gregory play football a couple of times this season, and at one point that was thought to be impossible. Gregory is in the middle of his comeback with the Cowboys, but it’s the team that could use some coming back. They’re fresh off of a loss in Seattle where things went south rather quickly, and those things included Randy Gregory.Seattle was up 14-3 on Dallas at the end of the first half and the Seahawks were trying to eek out a few more points. While just out of field goal range and time ticking down Tyrone Crawford Jersey , the Seahawks benefited from a Cowboys penalty. Randy Gregory got called for unnecessary roughness.The penalty put Seattle in far more makeable field goal range (Sebastian Janikowski connected on a 47-yard attempt), and it was thanks to the 15 yards that Gregory gave them after the play was over.Gregory trotted to the sideline after his penalty was clled, and he was visibly displeased. The FOX broadcast caught him getting there, and Jason Garrett seemingly calling at him only to receive no response.We don’t know for a fact whether or not Gregory even heard Jason Garrett, but this is hardly a good look for a team that lost in overwhelming fashion. This looks like a case of Gregory not wanting anything to do with the head coach right before the half, but what Gregory did was quite costly to the team so he probably knew he was going to receive some criticism.Dallas ultimately lost 24-13 and while they were unable to get close enough to do anything near the end, imagine if Seattle hadn’t pulled off that field goal at the end of the first half. Dallas would have only had one possession separating them from overtime, but if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a very good time.
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