MapleStory M is available on the Play Store as an English la

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MapleStory M is available on the Play Store as an English la

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MapleStory M is Nexon's latest attempt to deliver the MapleStory MMORPG into Android. It's since been eliminated, but that does not mean Nexon has given up on bringing the franchise to cellular. In October of 2016 Cheap Maplestory Mesos premiered in Korea, but there was no word about a English release. Well, it looks like we now know for certain that an English version is coming stateside because a public beta is up on the Play Store at the moment.

Now, 1 thing you may wish to keep in mind is that the current English record of MapleStory M will just be accessible on the Play Store before January 30th. The official launch is planned for sometime later this year. Therefore, if you would like to jump into the MMORPG gameplay, then you ought to do so post haste, since the clock is counting down. It's also worth pointing out that the game's servers will soon be wiped following this beta is finished, therefore any progress you make in the game is going to be lost when it is officially published. Fortunately any in-app buys that will definitely be in the last release aren't active for this beta, so there's no way to eliminate any cash whilst analyzing out the title.

If you are unfamiliar with MapleStory, it is an extremely popular Korean 2D MMORPG that's been accessible on PC since 2003. Yes it is super grindy, and yes it is extremely pay-to-win, but that has never appeared to stop any of its fans. In terms of what sets MapleStory M besides its PC predecessor, well, not too much, and that's a fantastic thing. Sure, there are a few quality of life enhancements for easier touchscreen controls. One of those is the addition of an auto questing button at the top left of the screen, just like you'd expect to see in nearly all cellular MMOs on the market. Of course, any auto features are optional, so you're free to perform how you like, which is very good for those of us who intend on playing manually.

Oh, and if you're counting on any type of controller support, the beta does not have any such attribute. Maybe this will probably be added in later, but that's probably a stretch because the game has been available in Korea for a bit over a year now, and as far as I know it doesn't have control support either.

Overall, I must say I was surprised to watch MS Mesos Appear on the Play Store having an English variant. I'm even more excited since it is indeed a lot closer if not almost exactly the same as the PC version. Sure that the super grindy gameplay won't be for everyone, and there's absolutely no doubt that Nexon will probably be nickel and diming its fans when the game's IAPs are dwell in the final product. But even with all of the regular complaints, there is something very endearing about the game that is difficult to simply shrug off.
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