Optimized Shaolin Monk in a Western

少林寺 - Shàolínsì

Optimized Shaolin Monk in a Western

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My group is about to start a western at TL 5. Starting points is 200 plus 45 in disadvantages. I'd like help in optimizing a wandering Shaolin monk for survivability in a firearm and bow and arrow dominated campaign. No exotic or supernatural advantages can be taken, and the world contains no known supernatural or magical elements. My weapon for optimization might be the Staff with Swing/Skull for disabling and subduing blows. Also Shuriken if I must resort to range. Here is a general optimized build the points don't add up perfectly, but I just wanted to get the general principles out there. Essentially...High Basic Speed for Dodge vs firearms. High Staff skill and Skull Bash targeted attack for quick disables. Eventually I'll pick up either Disarm or Sweep. I expect most opponents not to have high MELEE skill levels, so Feint and Counterattack may not be needed. Any help or advice in making a competent survivable MELEE fighter amidst ranged weapon wielding, horse riding enemies would be appreciated.
Please help.

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