Colts News: Malik Hooker rebounds from ACL and MCL tears in

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Colts News: Malik Hooker rebounds from ACL and MCL tears in

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‘Freakish’ Colts safety Malik Hooker rebounds from ACL and MCL tears in less than 10 months – The AthleticHooker on his return from the surgery that ended his rookie season Youth Ryan Kelly Jersey , "It felt great to be back out there."Colts Notebook: Hooker making quick progress in comeback | Sports | heraldbulletin.comThe pass was on target, and San Francisco tight end Cole Hikutini actually had it in his hands momentarily in the end zone. But Malik Hooker had other plans.Colts roster projection: Ryan Delaire earning considerationThe free agent has played just 15 NFL games and missed all of last season but he flashed potential in his time with ColtsHow Did The Colts Starting Offense And Defense Perform In The Preseason? | WFNI ESPN 107.5 / 1070 The Fan | Indy's SportsCenterWith the starters done for the preseason, here’s a closer look at how both units performed during their time on the playing field in August.Latest Colts’ O-line combo includes Haeg at RT, Smith at RG鈥tay tuned | FOX59INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – In the short term, the picture is crystal clear regarding what has been a blurred image. When the Indianapolis Colts close their preseason against the Cincinnati Bengals Thursday evening at Paul Brown Stadium, Joe Haeg is expected to start at right tackle and rookie Braden ...Colts Notebook: Andrew Luck Misses Final Preseason Practice Of 2018 | WFNI ESPN 107.5 / 1070 The Fan | Indy's SportsCenterOn Tuesday, the Colts had their final practice of the 2018 preseason. And, for a second straight day Youth Quenton Nelson Jersey , Andrew Luck was not present for Tuesday’s practice.Colts Daily Notebook: Who Starts This Week Against The Bengals?Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich said Braden Smith (right guard) and Joe Haeg (right tackle) will get the start in Thursday’s preseason finale against the Cincinnati Bengals. What were some of the key takeaways from the day?Another bad Colts defense will put more pressure on Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts Blog- ESPNThe rebuilding Colts are switching to a 4-3 defense using young players, and the predictable results should look familiar to their fans and star QB.Colts 53-man roster projection features improved O-line - Indianapolis Colts Blog- ESPNFirst-round pick Quenton Nelson solidifies a unit that has been source of frustration in recent seasons for the Colts.Young Fan Gets Carried Into First Colts Game And Rolls Out In First WheelchairFor many 7-year-old boys, going to a Colts game, going on the field and meeting the players would be the greatest gift. Ryan got to do all of those things. But the greatest gift came before all that.FanPulse Week 3: A look around the league Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Colts fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.Confidence in the direction of the Colts:Looking at poll results from Indianapolis Colts fans is interesting. Heading into week one saw 93% of fans confident in the direction of the team, following the loss to Bengals that number dropped to 82% and now following a win against the Redskins 94% are confident that Chris Ballard and Frank Reich have righted the ship. What about our opponents? Interestingly Bengals fans confidence in their team fell from 84% to 68% following their week 1 win. Apparently the Colts outplayed their expectations, or perhaps Bengals fans are just a confused bunch Youth Braden Smith Jersey , unsure how they should feel?The Colts effect on Redskins fans was also interesting:Following a week one beat down of the Arizona Cardinals, Hogs Haven was riding a wave of confidence at 88%, following their week two beat down at the hands of the Colts they have dropped all the way to a confidence rating of 36%. That’s a drop of 52%! This tells me that fans around the league, thus far, have no respect for our Indianapolis Colts. Why else would you lose confidence after winning a close game and then have the majority of your fans lose confidence after losing a single game? You wouldn’t unless you believed you were playing against a bad team. On To The Eagles:Ultimately Colts fans who were polled feel very confident about the direction of the team and this week they will face a Philadelphia Eagles team that is returning its starting quarterback in Carson Wentz. Eagles fans voted before the Wentz news broke so keep that in mind when considering these results:Eagles fan confidence polled at 97% to start the season, rose to 98% after a win and have fallen to 93% following their week 2 loss. Again, these numbers are without Carson Wentz, so I have to believe his return would bump that 93% a few points higher. The most interesting thing to note given this weeks poll is while Colts fan confidence rose by 12% and Eagles fan confidence fell by 5%, both Colts and Eagles fans expect the Eagles to win this game. Stampede Blue FanPulse: Eagles by 2Bleeding Green Nation FanPulse: Eagles by 9Frankly it doesn’t look like Eagles fans respect the Colts very much either. Sunday will be a day of surprises around the league , hopefully everyone who predicted the Colts to lose will be among the surprised. AFC South Fan Confidence:The Tennessee Titans beat what looks to be a bad Houston Texans team in week 2:Filling Music City Miracles users to the brim with confidence going from a 38% confidence rating to 73% of fans suddenly feeling confident in the direction of their team. Meanwhile Texans fans had the opposite and nearly equal reaction:Falling from a 49% confidence rating all the way to 22%, the Texans are in the bottom of the AFC South in more ways than one. The Jacksonville Jaguars on the other hand have one playoff appearance in a decade and are set to descend into cap-hell during the 2019 off season, but all seems bright for Jags fans following their impressive win against the New England Patriots:Of Jags fans polled 99% are confident in the direction of the team, which I suppose, does mean they are at the top of the AFC South in more ways than one.FanPulse SB Nation Question:Each fanbase answered questions about their team and also this question about how the NFL should fix overtime. Amazingly 52% of people polled have never witnessed how exciting a college overtime game is and a total of 53% of people responded with the incorrect answer (that’s a joke, relax. Unless you’re in the 53% and then I suggest watching more college football). So far FanPulse has provided us with great insight of how fans of other teams are feeling about their team and as a result how fans of other teams are viewing the Colts. Do you feel that the Colts are being disrespected? How are you feeling about the other AFC South teams? If you were in charge how would you fix the NFL’s overtime problem?
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